Linux Software to print with LabelManager PnP from Dymo
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Linux Software to print with LabelManager PnP from Dymo

cloned for development from


  • some..

For ubuntu based distributions:

(should also work for debian, but not tested yet) use udev and modeswitch configurations to work with the LabelManager PNP. modeswitch changes the mode (and USB Id) from mass storage device to printer device.

sudo cp 91-dymo-labelmanager-pnp.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo cp dymo-labelmanager-pnp.conf /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/    

and restart services with:

sudo systemctl restart udev.service

(more info)

Font management

Fonts are managed via dymoprint.ini

You may choose any TTF Font you like

You may edit the file to point to your favorite font.

For my Arch-Linux System, fonts are located at e.g.


It is also possible to Download a font from and use it.

Additional libraries used:

See also requirements.txt


  • (?)support multiple ProductIDs (1001, 1002) -> use usb-modeswitch?
  • put everything in classes that would need to be used by a GUI
  • for more options use command line parser framework
  • allow selection of font with command line options
  • allow font size specification with command line option (points, pixels?)
  • provide an option to show a preview of what the label will look like
  • read and write a .dymoprint file containing user preferences
  • print barcodes
  • print graphics
  • plot frame around label
  • vertical print