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A packaged framework for implementing web and API test suites. Builds on Concordion to bring your software delivery team together around living documentation.
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Cubano is a "ready-made" test framework that provides everything at your fingertips. It's ideal for software delivery teams who want to collaborate around living documentation.

Utilising Specification by Example techniques, the framework implements:

  • Web browser automation using Selenium WebDriver
  • API automation (REST / SOAP / HTTP)
  • Database automation

Cubano supplies User Documentation, and a Demo Project, to help users get started.

It encourages collaboration and communication between business people, testers and developers. The rich output presents multiple views of the specification with embedded storyboards and logs containing screenshots, HTML page source, message interactions and text.

The framework is easy to configure, for example supported browsers are simple to install locally using the Managed WebDriver, or in the cloud using SauceLabs or BrowserStack. It supports standard patterns for Page Objects and Components to provide the right level of abstraction for web pages.

It is built in Java using Concordion and incorporates numerous extensions.

Cubano Demo and Template Projects

Cubano provides a Demo Project, which contains information regarding

  • usage
  • documentation
  • working examples
  • and set up instructions

Once you are ready to start writing your own tests, pull down the Cubano Template Project and adapt this base to start automating your project.


We love to receive feedback.

Please report any issues to this Github project.

Please post other feedback, questions and discussion to the Concordion Google Group with "[Cubano]" in the message header.


All contributions are welcome, we do ask however that you follow our coding standards. This is rather easy as we have checkstyle and code formatter configuration files ready to use.

For eclipse:

  1. Install findbugs plugin

  2. Install checkstyle plugin

  3. Eclipse > Preferences > Checkstyle > New...

    Type: External configuration file Name: Cubano Location: /cubano/config/checkstyle/checkstyle.xml

  4. Eclipse > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter > Import...

    File: /cubano/config/formatter/formatter.xml

  5. Eclipse > Preferences > Java > Editor > Save Actions

    Perform the selected actions on save: Checked Format source code: Format edited lines Organise imports: Checked

  6. Eclipse > Project > Properties > Checkstyle

    Checkstyle active for this project: Checked Use the following check configuration for all files: Cubano - (Global)


To create a release, you will need to run gradlew clean test javadoc build sourcesJar javadocJar publishDocs release bintrayUpload. This depends on having appropriate permissions to publish to the Concordion organisation. The build takes over 15 minutes since it also releases to Maven Central. It will then take about another 15 minutes for the artifacts to appear in Maven Central.

To build a local release and publish to your local Maven repository, you can run gradlew clean publishToMavenLocal.

Valued Partners

Thanks to Te Manatū Whakahiato Ora, the Ministry of Social Development, NZ for contributing this framework to the open source community.

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Thanks also to Structure 101 for their software architecture visualisation tool - helping us keep the architecture in check.

Structure 101

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