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Slackware current slackbuilds (Build to repository)
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acpiclient acpiclient: Fix slack-desc
acpitool fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
afflib Renamed variable in .info file
aircrack-ng aircrack-ng: upgraded to 1.2-rc1
anacron fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
aria2 aria2: upgraded to 1.18.10
arp-scan Fix SlackBuild script
arpalert fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
arpwatch fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
atkmm atkmm: rebuilt
atop atop: added 2.1
audex audex: upgraded to 0.78
balsa fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
barnyard2 fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
bashdb bashdb: added
bleachbit bleachbit: upgraded to 1.6
bluefish bluefish: upgraded to 2.2.7
bost Fix slack-desc
bulk_extractor bulk_extractor: fix HOMEPAGE in .info
bwctl bwctl: upgraded to 1.5.3
bwm-ng fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
bwping bwping: added
byacc byacc: upgraded to 20141128
bzr fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
bzrtools bzrtools: upgraded to 2.6.0
c-ares c-ares: rebuilt
cabextract cabextract: upgraded to 1.5
cairomm cairomm: upgraded to 1.11.2
ccid Added ccid 1.4.18
checkit checkit: upgraded to 0.3.0
chkrootkit chkrootkit: upgraded to 0.50
choqok choqok: fix doc path
cimg cimg: upgraded to 1.6.0
collectd collectd: upgraded to 5.4.2
converseen converseen: rebuilt
cowpatty fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
cracklib fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
ctemplate fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
ctunnel ctunnel: upgraded to 0.7
cuneiform Rebuilt tree
curlftpfs fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
daq daq: upgraded to 2.0.4
darkstat fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
darktable darktable: upgraded to 1.6.3
dcraw Added dcraw
detox Added detox 1.2.0
dia dia: added
digikam digikam: upgraded to 4.8.0
diskscan Renamed variable in .info file
dnsscan fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
dnstracer fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
dos2unix dos2unix: upgraded to 7.2
dsniff fix required package
dwdiff Fix copyright year
ecryptfs-utils ecryptfs-utils: upgraded to 104
etherpoke etherpoke: added 2.1.2
etherwake fix slack-desc and other files for fix PACKAGES.TXT
ettercap Renamed variable in .info file
filezilla filezilla: upgraded to
flickcurl flickcurl: upgraded to 1.26
fping fping: upgraded to 3.10
fspy Fix slack-desc
fwbuilder fwbuilder: readded with patch for conntrack instead state match
fwknop fwknop: upgraded to 2.6.3
gdata Added gdata
gengetopt Fix slack-desc
geoip geoip: upgraded to 1.6.5
geoipupdate geoipupdate: upgraded to 2.2.1
gifsicle gifsicle: upgraded to 1.87
gimp-elsamuko-scripts Renamed variable in .info file
gimp-lqr-plugin Fix slack-desc
gimp-paint-studio gimp-paint-studio: added
gimp-refocus Fix slack-desc
gimp-script-fu gimp-script-fu: upgraded to 2.8.41
git-ftp Renamed variable in .info file
glibmm glibmmmm: rebuilt 2.36.2
gmic gmic: upgraded to
goobook Fix typo in SlackBuild
graphicsmagick graphicsmagick: upgraded to 1.3.21
greenbone-security-assistant Upgraded openvas suite
gsl Fix slack-desc
gtkimageview Renamed variable in .info file
gtklp Fix slack-desc
gtkmm gtkmm: rebuilt
hping Renamed hping3 in hping and upgraded to the git version
ht ht: upgraded to 2.1.0
httperf Fix slack-desc
httping httping: upgraded to 2.4
httpry httpry: upgraded to 0.1.8
httrack httrack: upgraded to 3.48.19
httraqt httraqt: upgraded to 1.4.4
hungrycat hungrycat: upgraded to 0.3.3
hydra hydra: upgraded to 8.1
i2util i2util: added
icoutils Fix slack-desc
id3 Fix typo in SlackBuild
id3lib Fix slack-desc
ike-scan Fix slack-desc
inkscape inkscape: upgraded to 0.91
inxi inxi: upgraded to 2.2.19
ioping Renamed variable in .info file
iotop Fix slack-desc
iperf Fix copyright year
iperf3 iperf3/: rebuilt
iproute2-dev Fix slack-desc
iptstate Fix slack-desc
isomaster isomaster: upgraded to 1.3.13
jansson jansson: added
jhead jhead: upgraded to 3.00
john Fix slack-desc
json-c json-c: added 0.12 version
json-glib Fix slack-desc
justniffer justniffer: upgraded to 0.5.12
k9copy k9copy: changed homepage in .info file
kaffeine kaffeine: recompiled with patch for gcc 4.7
kamerka Fix slack-desc
kcoloredit Fix doc path
kdbg kdbg: fix info file
kdiff3 kdiff3: upgraded to 0.9.98
keepassx Fix slack-desc
keychain Fix slack-desc
kiconedit kiconedit: fix doc path
kid3 Fix doc path
kile Fix doc path
kismet Fix slack-desc
kmtail Fix doc path
knemo Fix slack-desc
kprinter4 Renamed variable in .info file
krename Sync repository
krusader Sync repository
kuickshow Fix doc path
kvpnc Rebuilt tree
lapack lapack: added 3.5.0
lensfun Renamed variable in .info file
libasecnsp11 Added libasecnsp11, library for CSE (European Healt Card)
libcap-ng libcap-ng: added
libcli Renamed variable in .info file
libconfig Sync repository
libdbi-drivers Rebuilt tree
libdbi Sync repository
libdnet fix slack-desc
libedit libedit: upgraded to 20141030_3.1
libesmtp Sync repository
libewf fix info file
libgsasl Sync repository
libiptcdata Sync repository
libircclient libircclient: upgraded to 1.8
liblqr Sync repository
libmemcached libmemcached: add patch for libthread
libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd: upgraded to 0.9.38
libmp3splt libmp3splt: upgraded to 0.9.1b
libmp4v2 Sync repository
libmpeg2 Fix copyright year
libnet Sync repository
libnids Rebuilt tree
liboping liboping: upgraded to 1.8.0
libpgf libpgf: fix doc path
libsigc++ libsigc++: upgraded to 2.4.1
libssh2 Rebuilt tree
libstatgrab libstatgrab: upgraded to 0.91
liburcu liburcu: upgraded to 0.8.6
libuv libuv: upgraded to 1.4.2
lifstat Rebuilt tree
lshw Sync repository
lua Sync repository
luckybackup luckybackup: upgraded to 0.4.8
luminance-hdr luminance-hdr: rebuilt 2.3.1
lwatch lwatch: upgraded to 0.6.2
lynis lynis: upgraded to 2.0.0
lyx lyx: upgraded to 2.1.3
macchanger Update homepage
markdown markdown: upgraded to 2.6
memcached memcached: upgraded to 1.4.22
mjpegtools mjpegtools: upgraded to 2.1.0
modsecurity-apache modsecurity-apache: rebuilt
monit monit: upgraded to 5.12
mp3diags mp3diags: upgraded to 1.2.01
mp3splt-gtk mp3splt-gtk: upgraded to 0.9.1b
mp3splt mp3splt: upgraded to 2.6.1b
mu Renamed variable in .info file
mutt mutt: fix
nacl nacl: added 20110221
ncdu Sync repository
ncrack Upgraded digikam ad unrar. Added ncrack. Rebuilt acpiclient, liboping…
ndisc6 Sync repository
nethogs Sync repository
netperf Sync repository
netsniff-ng netsniff-ng: upgraded BUILD number and fix info files
nicstat nicstat: upgraded to 1.95
nload Sync repository
nmapsi4 Sync repository
nmon nmon: upgraded to 15a
node node: added libuv option
noip2 Sync repository
nomacs nomacs: upgraded to 2.4.2
nted nted: readded 1.0.18
ntopng ntopng: add json-c dependency
numpy numpy: added 1.9.1
nuttcp nuttcp: added
omping omping: fiz gzip man page
openal Sync repository
opencv opencv: rebuilt against ffmpeg 2.4.3
openjpeg openjpeg: upgraded to 1.5.2
openjpeg2 openjpeg2: added 2.1.0
openvas-cli Upgraded openvas suite
openvas-libraries Upgraded openvas suite
openvas-manager Upgraded openvas suite
openvas-scanner Upgraded openvas suite
optipng optipng: upgraded to 0.7.5
ostinato ostinato: rebuilt against protobuf 2.6.1
owamp owamp: added
p0f p0f: upgraded to 3.08b
p7zip p7zip: upgraded to 9.38.1
packeth packeth: upgraded to 1.8
pangomm pangomm: rebuilt
pbzip2 pbzip2: upgraded to 1.1.8
pcsc-lite Added pcsc packages
pcsc-perl Added pcsc packages
pcsc-tools Added pcsc packages
php-apcu Rebuilt against php 5.6.6
php-handlersocket Rebuilt against php 5.6.6
php-memcached Rebuilt against php 5.6.6
php-oauth Renamed variable in .info file
php-suhosin Readded php-suhosin. Works with apache mpm_prefork_module
php-xdebug php-xdebug: upgraded to 2.3.1
php php: add tidy requires
pmacct pmacct: 1.5.1
pmount Sync repository
pngcrush Rebuilt tree
podofo podofo: upgraded to 0.9.3
pokerth pokerth: rebuilt against protobuf 2.6.1
postfix Clean script. Change meta_directory path. Add empty DEBUG option
privoxy privoxy: upgraded to 3.0.23
protobuf-c protobuf-c: upgraded to 1.1.0
protobuf protobuf: upgraded to 0.9.3
pysetuptools pysetuptools: upgraded to 11.3.1
pyyaml pyyaml: added 3.11
qgmailnotifier qgmailnotifier: added version 2014.1
qnetstatview Sync repository
qoauth Renamed variable in .info file
qtcurve Renamed variable in .info file
qwt Rebuilt tree
qxmledit qxmledit: upgraded to 0.8.12
rawstudio Rebuilt tree
rawtherapee rawtherapee: rebuilt
rdup Sync repository
reaver Sync repository
recorditnow Sync repository
redis redis: fix lib path
rkhunter rkhunter: upgraded to 1.4.2
rlog Rebuilt tree
rrdtool rrdtool: sync to
safecopy Sync repository
sarg sarg: fix path
scanssh Rebuilt tree
scantailor Sync repository
scapy scapy: upgraded to 2.3.0
scons Sync repository
scribus scribus: rebuilt against podofo 0.9.3
serverstatuswidget Sync repository
shorewall-core Added shorewall
shorewall Added shorewall
shorewall6 Added shorewall
simplejson Fix typo in SlackBuild
sipcalc sipcalc: fix typo in slackbuild
skdet Sync repository
sleuthkit sleuthkit: rebuilt
smb4k smb4k: upgraded to 1.2.0
smbnetfs Added smbnetfs
smem smem: upgraded to 1.4
smplayer smplayer: upgraded to 14.9.0
smtube Fix doc path
snort snort: fix doc path
socat socat: upgraded to
socketsentry Sync repository
soundkonverter fix slack-desc
sqlitebrowser Renamed variable in .info file
squid squid: upgraded to 3.5.2
squidguard Added squidguard
srm srm: added 1.2.15
sshfs-fuse sshfs-fuse: upgraded to 2.5
sshguard Sync repository
sshpass Sync repository
sslh Rebuilt tree
sslscan Sync repository
subtitlecomposer Renamed variable in .info file
suricata suricata: fix doc path and config file. Add init file
tcpflow tcpflow: upgraded to 1.4.4
tcpick tcpick: readded version 0.2.1
tcpreplay tcpreplay: upgraded to 4.1.0
tea tea: fix doc path
tellico tellico: fix doc path
testdisk Rebuilt tree
tidy Added tidy, for server and desktop without kde
tig tig: rebuilt
tinyxml Sync repository
tor tor: fix
trojita trojita: upgraded to 0.5
tunctl Fix SlackBuild script
twitter twitter: added
ufraw ufraw: upgraded to 0.21
unhide Sync repository
unix-privesc-check unix-privesc-check: upgraded to 2.1_362
unoconv omping: fix man path
unrar unrar: upgraded to 5.2.6
unrtf unrtf: upgraded to 0.21.9
vdt vdt: readded versione 5.4.68
vifm vifm: upgraded to 0.7.8
vnstat Fix SlackBuild script
wacomtablet Fix doc path
weechat weechat: upgraded to 1.1.1
whowatch Added whowatch 1.8.5
wifite wifite: upgraded to git
wipe Rebuilt tree
wireshark wireshark: upgraded to 1.99.2
wol Sync repository
wput Sync repository
wxgtk wxgtk: upgraded to 3.0.2
x11vnc Rebuilt tree
xping Renamed variable in .info file
xsel fix slack-desc
xvidcore Sync repository
yagf yagf: upgraded to 0.9.3
yajl yajl: upgraded to 2.1.0
yakuake Sync repository
yapet fix slack-desc
yersinia Rebuilt tree
zmap Renamed variable in .info file
ChangeLog.rss Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable
ChangeLog.txt Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable
ChangeLog.txt.gz Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable
GPG-KEY Added mp3splt suite
README Fix download rule
SLACKBUILDS.LIST Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable
SLACKBUILDS.TXT Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable
SLACKBUILDS.TXT.gz Added etherpoke. Upgraded nomacs and darktable

README (repository for Slackware -current)


Repository contain contains everything (SlackBuild script, slack-desc file,
plus all possible patch) you'll need when you want to build the packages yourself.

To make package from slackbuild do

# cd <program>

Download source code:
# source <program>.info
# wget [--no-check-certificate] [--content-disposition] $DOWNLOAD
wget, with some servers, doesn't set the correct filename

If exists FILENAME variable means that it contains the filename.

if exists DOWNLOAD extra variables, do also
# wget --no-check-certificate --content-disposition $DOWNLOAD_XXX [$DOWNLOAD_YYY]

# sh <program>.SlackBuild

to build a package which will be created in the same directory.

If you have any questions or requests,
you can contact me at (at) gmail (dot) com

Packaged by Corrado Franco (

Compiled packages are on 
or in
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