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Contember transforms ideas into web apps instantly, adapts to any custom need, and offers complete code access on your terms.

👋 What is Contember

Contember is an open-source platform that provides a swift route to building and managing data-driven web applications.

It's the power tool you need for your web development toolkit. Here's why:

  • Open Source. No artificial limitations for number of users or vendor lock-in.
  • Declarative data modeling: Define your data models in TypeScript, and Contember Engine generates a GraphQL API for you instantly.
  • Powerful React framework: With Contember Interface, construct custom user interfaces with ease using high-level React components.
  • Automatic database handling: We generate a well-structured PostgreSQL database, handle automatic database migrations, and provide built-in authentication plus a robust role-based access control system.

Documentation →

✨ Contember AI Studio

AI tool that rapidly turns your brief app description into a working prototype on the Contember platform. From there, you have complete freedom to modify every detail in the code to suit your needs. Contember Studio is an effortless way to kickstart your projects and get feedback on day one.

Contember Studio →

☁️ Contember Cloud

When it's time to launch your app, Contember gives you flexibility with two deployment options: self-hosting or leveraging our managed hosting service, Contember Cloud. Contember Cloud takes away the hassle of handling complex aspects such as scaling and security, allowing you to focus on crafting your application.

  • Managed Services: Let us take care of infrastructure details. We handle all the backend complexities so you can concentrate on building amazing applications.
  • Expert Support: You're not alone on this journey. Our team is available to provide support and guidance when needed, ensuring you're never left in the dark.
  • Cost-Effective: Contember Cloud offers a simplified, cost-effective solution for deploying and managing your application, saving you the time and resources that would otherwise be required for infrastructure management.

Contember Cloud Pricing →

Getting Started

To create a new project, simply run npm exec "@contember/create@latest" projectname. For a quick start, follow our installation guide and learn the basics.

License and Support

Contember is open-source under the Apache 2 license. We also offer an Enterprise Edition with advanced capabilities as part of our managed hosting solution, Contember Cloud.

If you need help, the Contember Documentation is a great place to start, or explore these other channels:

Why we build Contember

We're about streamlining the process of building web apps. We believe developers should spend time on creating solutions that matter, not on wrestling with complexities of technology stack. With Contember, you can build custom backends, CMSes, CRM systems, portals, and more, all with less fuss and more focus.

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  1. interface interface Public

    Define your own management UI with high-level React.js components and it automatically connects via GraphQL API.

    TypeScript 91 7

  2. engine engine Public

    Rapidly build your data model with TypeScript and Engine instantly turns it into a GraphQL API.

    TypeScript 154 15

  3. docs docs Public

    Documentation for both Contember Engine and Contember Admin.

    TypeScript 9 9

  4. examples examples Public

    Showcasing some of the things you can achieve with Contember. Customize our examples or use them as inspiration.

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