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A simple example JS/TS client library for the Perspective API. This client can be used to send text to the API and get back the scores for a set of model attributes.


This libray is published on npm as @conversationai/perspectiveapi-js-client.

To use it, you'll first need an API key from ConversationAI's Perspective API. Then you can use the library like this:

const { Client } = require("@conversationai/perspectiveapi-js-client");
const client = new Client(YOUR_API_KEY);
const results = client.getScores(text, options);


This client exposes one method, getScores.

getScores(text, options);


text (Required)

A string between 1 and 3000 characters representing a piece of text (e.g. a comment on an article) to be analyzed by Perspective API.


An optional object that specifies options for the API.

Accepted keys in the options object are:

Field Description
context.entries A list of objects providing the context for text. Defaults to null, equivalent to an empty list.
context.entries[].text The text of a context object.
attributes An array of strings specifying the attributes to get scores for. See the Perspective docs for a list of available attributes. Default: ["SPAM", "TOXICITY"]
languages A list of ISO 631-1 two-letter language codes specifying the language(s) that text is in (for example, "en", "es", "fr", etc). Default: ["EN"]
doNotStore Whether the API is permitted to store text and context from this request. Default: true
stripHtml A boolean specifying whether to strip html tags from text. Default: true

Return Value

A promise that rejects with an Error object containing a message property specifying the error, or resolves to an object of attribute scores of the shape [attribute: string]: number, where the number is a float between 0 and 1. Here's an example result:

  TOXICITY: 0.65,
  SPAM: 0.25

The above result would mean that the Perspective API suggests the text is 65% likely to be toxic and 25% likely to be spam.


Run yarn test to run the test suite.