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@jcbrand jcbrand released this Apr 4, 2019 · 164 commits to master since this release

Note: This release introduces a hard requirement on MAM:2, specifically the requirement that the MAM archive ID matches the XEP-0359 stanza-id. Patches intended to make Converse work with MAM:1 will cause problems and unexpected behaviour due to the above requirement, which is not met with MAM:1. This will affect Openfire users who use the monitoring plugin version 1.7.0 and below. You're advised to stay on Converse version 4.1.2 until an update to that plugin has been released.

  • Updated translations: af, cz, de, es, gl, he, lt, nl, nl_BE, ru
  • Upgrade to Backbone 1.4.0, Strophe 1.3.2 and Jasmine 2.99.2
  • Remove dependency on (our fork of) Awesomplete
  • Prevent user from adding themselves as contact
  • Fix "flashing" of roster filter when you have less than 5 roster contacts
  • Fix handling of CAPTCHAs offered by ejabberd
  • Don't send out receipts or markers for MAM messages
  • Allow setting of debug mode via URL with /#converse?debug=true
  • Render inline images served over HTTP if Converse itself was loaded on an unsecured (HTTP) page.
  • Make sure nickname passed in via _converse.initialize has first preference as MUC nickname
  • Make sure required registration fields have "required" attribute
  • New config setting autocomplete_add_contact
  • New config setting locked_muc_domain
  • New config setting locked_muc_nickname
  • New config setting show_client_info
  • Document new API method sendMessage
  • Don't filter out own device when sending an OMEMO message
  • #1149: With xhr_user_search_url, contact requests are not being sent out
  • #1213: Switch roster filter input and icons
  • #1327: fix False mentions positives in URLs and Email addresses
  • #1352: Add Jed as dependency of @converse/headless
  • #1373: Re-add support for the muc_domain setting
  • #1400: When a chat message is just an emoji, enlarge the emoji
  • #1407: Silent errors when trying to use whitespace as MUC nickname
  • #1437: List of groupchats in modal doesn't scroll
  • #1457: Wrong tooltip shown for "unbookmark" icon
  • #1467: Fix rendering of URLs enclosed with sharp brackets such as <>
  • #1479: Allow file upload by drag & drop also in MUCs
  • #1487: New config option muc_respect_autojoin
  • #1488: In error message, fall back to JID if name is not available.
  • #1501: Don't prompt for a reason if auto_join_on_invite is true
  • #1507: Make message id and origin-id identical in order to fix LMC with Conversations
  • #1508: Minimized bookmarked chatboxes should not be always maximized after page reload.
  • #1512: Allow manual entry of jid even with xhr_user_search_url.
    The JID input field is now also visible. To hide it simply hide .add-xmpp-contact__jid via CSS.
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