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JavaScript library for Orion Context Broker services (web & nodejs)
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This repository houses the Javascript library used for implementing NGSI clients. The library has been tested to work against version 0.14.0 of the Orion Context Broker.

Using ngsijs from browsers

<script type="text/javascript" src="url_to_NGSI.js"></script>

Using ngsijs from WireCloud widgets/operators

Take a look to the Using Oriong Context Broker tutorial available on the WireCloud tutorials page.

Running ngsi-proxy

Run the following command from the ngsi-proxy directory for installing any missing dependency:

  $ npm install

Once all dependencies are available, you will be able to run ngsi-proxy from the command line:

  $ npm run start

You will find some init script templates in the script folder inside the ngsi-proxy folder. Those scripts depend on the forever command line tool:

  $ [sudo] npm install forever -g

ngsi-proxy will listen on port 3000 by default.

Using ngsijs from Node.js

  npm install ngsijs

After installing the ngsijs node module, you will be able to use the API as usual:

  var NGSI = require('ngsijs');

Note: Node.js doesn't require the usage of a ngsi-proxy as you can create an HTTP endpoint easily (e.g. using express).

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