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This is an open source elisp library to use bing-api in emacs. Now bingapiel provides support for bing translate api. It tested in emacs 24.


Clone bingapiel from github.

git clone

Install curl with sudo apt-get install curl on Ubuntu. Download curl Win32 - Generic and add curl.exe to PATH on Windows.

(setenv "PATH" (concat (concat program-path "/curl-7.26.0-devel-mingw32/bin;") (getenv "PATH")))

Configure bingapiel in your .emacs file. The following client_id and client_secret are my. You'd better register your own.

(add-to-list 'load-path (concat plugin-path "bingapiel"))
;; Your bing api client_id.
(defvar bingapi-clientid "667f3adb-e22d-4dca-b476-ca536c0a6d8a")
;; Your bing api client_secret.
(defvar bingapi-clientsecret "xBTJ5Ee5RSFf++uVjSVKVFcsoswQlDyb8kPp5wSyrV8=")
;; list all language codes may be used
(defvar bingtranslate-language-list '("en" "zh-CHS" "ja"))
;; Turn auto detect language code on
(defvar bingtranslate-auto-detect t)

(require 'bing-translate)
;; key bounding
(global-set-key [M-f1] 'bingtranslate-region-or-input)
;; add a pair of language
;; Parameters: "pair name" "from language" "to language"
(bingtranslate-add-pair "1" "zh-CHS" "ja")

Restart emacs or eval-region.

M-x bingtranslate-region-or-input and input text, from languge, to language. Then translation results show in minibuffer and shear plate.

M-x bingtranslate-show-history will show translate history at a temp buffer.


Register Windows Live ID.

Subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API on Azure Marketplace. Basic subscriptions, up to 2 million characters a month, are free.

Register your application Azure DataMarket. Click on "Register". In the "Register your application" dialog box, you can define your own Client ID and Name. Take a note of the client ID and the client secret value.


You can find more information at:

-My github

-My blog