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This is a simple Docker container for running the No-IP2 dynamic DNS update script. It will keep your DNS alias up-to-date as your home IP changes.


This docker image is available as a trusted build on the docker index.

There are two modes of running this container. The first is with environment variables:

sudo docker run --name=noip -d -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime -v /config/dir/path:/config -e USERNAME=<username> -e PASSWORD=<password> -e DOMAINS=<domains> -e INTERVAL=<interval> coppit/no-ip

The second mode is with a config file. To create a template config file, run:

sudo docker run --name=noip -d -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime -v /config/dir/path:/config coppit/no-ip

When run for the first time, a file named noip.conf will be created in the config dir, and the container will exit. Edit this file, adding your username (email), password, domains, and update interval. Then rerun the command to start the container.

In both modes, a binary config file /config/dir/path/no-ip2.generated.conf will be generated. Please do not edit this file, as it is used by the noip2 agent. Please do not edit this file, as it is used by the noip2 agent.

To check the status, run docker logs noip.