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A small, and simple PHP based CMS that uses markdown for content
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Wiki.php is a simple cms/wiki script. You can see it in use here:


Installation is really only a couple of steps:

  • Clone down the repo
  • Edit config.php. The values are pretty self-explantory, but there's also comments explaining
  • Edit includes/, includes/, and includes/

If you are not using apache, you'll need to add in some mechanism for the rewrites to work, unless you don't care about pretty URLs. But, you will need to keep those in mind when adding links to your documents.

Something along these lines should work:

location ~ (/includes/|/media) {

location / {
  rewrite ^/$ /main;
  rewrite ^/([A-Za-z0-9\/]+)/?$ /wiki.php?page=$1;

location /index {
  rewrite ^/index\.php$ /wiki.php?page=main;

Once that's all set, you can start editing articles. is always the landing page.

Directory Structure

./ <-- Doc root
./wiki.php <-- main code
./media <-- Images and such.  Files here do get get hit by the rewrite rule
./articles <-- All of your site's content
./includes <-- Support files that make up the layout <-- site header <-- site footer
  sidebar.mb <-- site sidebar
./config.php <-- Site configuration file
./parsedown-{version} <-- The parsedown version used in this engine


Open an issue at ubergeek/wiki.php. PRs are also welcomed!

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