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Welcome to the Neuropixels User Guide wiki

⚠️ Warning: most sections of the wiki are no longer actively maintained and contain out-of-date information! See awesome_neuropixels for up-to-date links that contain relevant resources.

Neuropixels 1.0 now publicly available! Visit for more.

This website is intended as a practical user's guide to the use of Neuropixels electrode arrays and the analysis of data they produce.

The information in the IMEC-supplied user manual supersedes anything on this website, so please reference that document first. Please request that manual from Tim Harris if you have probes but haven't received it.

The information provided here comes from users of the Neuropixels testers consortium, and should be taken as-is, and at your own risk. No one involved in the creation of this resource is responsible for your experiments working or your probes remaining intact.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Post an issue here and someone in the community may respond, or consider joining the Neuropixels Slack channel. To join the slack channel, click this link.

Training Courses

Getting Started

Acquiring data

Processing data

Thanks to Josh Siegle, who contributed some graphics and text to this resource.

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