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Simple microblogging for Plone
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Plonesocial.microblog is part of the plonesocial suite.

If you're an integrator or end-user looking for a pre-integrated solution, you should install plonesocial.suite.

This package, plonesocial.microblog, provides a building block for Plone developers who want to create a custom social business solution in Plone. You normally wouldn't want to modify this unless you know exactly what you're doing.



This package is maintained by Cosent.


Plonesocial.microblog provides a 'native' Plone microblogging solution that stores status updates in a performance-optimized site utility.

This component provides only the status update form and storage. To display the stored microblog messages, use plonesocial.activitystream in combination with plonesocial.microblog, or install the full plonesocial.suite.

Plonesocial.microblog provides a microblogging solution for Plone using core content types only, without any external dependencies. It does not require an external service and can be set up and run with a normal Plone buildout configuration.

The intention is to make this native solution as simple and as fast as possible. The current implementation can handle hundreds of new messages per second in a stock Plone installation on outdated hardware. It achieves this by using batched async commits (without using and by not indexing status updates in ZCatalog. Instead, custom indexes on time, author and tags are provided.


This package provides the "Hosts a local microblog" behavior that can be applied to Dexterity content. When applied to an context, it enables microblogging and activitystreams that are local to that context.

You can also use this on Archetypes content by marking an object as providing the IMicroblogContext interface. An example taken from plonesocial.suite:

# enable local microblog
directlyProvides(portal.workspace, IMicroblogContext)


An upgrade step is provided to add the UUID index introduced in 0.5 to older installations.

Build status

Unit tests

Robot tests for Plone Social and Plone Intranet


Uninstalling either plonesocial.microblog or removes both utilities, deleting all data.


An extensive roadmap for the plonesocial suite is available on github.

Copyright (c) Plone Foundation

This package is Copyright (c) Plone Foundation.

Any contribution to this package implies consent and intent to irrevocably transfer all copyrights on the code you contribute, to the Plone Foundation, under the condition that the code remains under a OSI-approved license.

To contribute, you need to have signed a Plone Foundation contributor agreement. If you're listed on Github as a member of the Plone organization, you already signed.

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