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User Management

This is an example of a user management app built using Node.js and Cosmic JS. User information is stored in your Cosmic JS dashboard for easy adding, editing and extending. User data is made available through the Cosmic JS CMS API.

Current functionality includes:

  • Sign up
  • Log in
  • View a list of users (after login)


Click here to view a demo

Image of User Management App


  • Fully manage user data using Cosmic JS. Easily add, remove and extend user data.
  • Form validation, server validation.
  • Gravatar support.

Get started

git clone https://github.com/cosmicjs/user-management
cd user-management
npm install

Run in production

COSMIC_BUCKET=your-bucket-slug npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000.

Run in development

Create a config/development.js file and match it to config/production.js with your values.

npm run development

Go to http://localhost:5000.


This is a starting point. Please feel free to fork and extend to suit your specific needs.