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Couple of useful utilities for dealing with files (right now, just encrypting/decrypting files)
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Knife File

This plugin contains various file based utilities for manipulating files in a Chef repository. Right now, you can encrypt and decrypt .json files in place, without first uploading to a Chef server (which is useful for generating encrypted files for a repository.)

These commands will output to stdout:

  • knife file encrypt

  • knife file decrypt

These commands are interactive, and will write to a file by default:

  • knife file create

  • knife file edit


This plugin is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, run:

gem install knife-file

Depending on your system configuration, you may need to run this command with root privileges.


For `knife file encrypt` and `knife file decrypt`, you will need to specify either –secret or –secret-file.

For `knife file create` and `knife file edit`, –secret/–secret-file is optional.


Encrypting a file with a secret keyword

knife file encrypt FILE --secret KEYWORD

Encrypting a file with a secret key file

knife file encrypt FILE --secret-file path/to/file

Decrypt a file with a secret key file, and output in JSON to a file

knife file decrypt FILE --secret-file path/to/file -Fj > foobar.json

Decrypt a file with a secret key file, open $EDITOR and save the changed file, encrypted

knife file edit FILE --secret-file path/to/file

Create an encrypted file called “test.json” from scratch

knife file create test --secret-file path/to/file
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