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COMP10120 Team Project (2016/17) - Group X3
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Dinen Docker Container

Get Dinen, Eat Food

0. Description

1. Requierments

  • Download and install Docker (container based app deployment) from here.
  • Obtain the Git repo, git clone dinen
  • Go to the Dinen Git repository on your machine cd path/to/dinen and git pull the latest version
    • Then switch to the new Docker branch git checkout docker
      • Run git branch and make sure the output says docker

1. Building

  • Make sure Docker Daemon is running!
  • Inside the path/to/dinen repo, there should be a executable called make
    • Execute it ./make, this should create the Dinen Docker Image
      • If any errors occur during compilation, open an Issue
      • If you can't run the script, look inside it and manually tell docker to make it

2. Running

  • Make sure Docker Daemon is running!
  • Inside the path/to/dinen repo, there should be a executable called run
    • Execute it ./run, this should mount the Docker Image inside a container
      • By default it will open port 80 to port 8080 and 443 to 8081
        • Change this by editing the run file and restart the container
      • Also port 3306 to 8082 for the MySQL database

3. Exiting

  • In order to exit, type the following command docker container list
    • This will list all running container (if any).
    • Each container has a hash assigned to it, like this dab418b1d322
    • In order to close a running container write docker stop dab418b1d322
      • Use the hash of your machine!
    • Run docker container list again to make sure the container is closed

4. Removal

  • Stopping the container did not remove the container
  • In order to see dormant containers, type docker container list -a
  • Now you will see all containeres that ever existed
    • Find the container you want to remove (notice it also has a name)
    • In order to delete (yes it is permanent), type docker rm dab418b1d322
      • Use the hash of the container you wish to remove
      • TIP: You can sometimes type only the first two chars of the hash
        • docker rm da

5. Image removal

  • If for any reason you want to remove the Dinen Docker Image
    • Maybe it takes too much of your disk space
  • Type docker images to list all the docker images you have downloaded/compiled
  • Find the image you wish to remove (should be called dinen) and copy the hash
    • Then type docker rmi a2494f524dd3
      • Make sure you use the hash of the image YOU wish to remove
  • There might/should also be a ubuntu:latest image, remove that if you don't need it
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