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Squishy The Turtle


Squishy the Turtle is a puzzle game written for the Nintendo Gameboy. It was created in 48 hours for a competition called Ludum Dare. (To see the original entry, use the ludum_dare_entry git tag.) You play as a turtle, who must collect his eggs while avoiding the spiders and crabs covering the landscape.

Squishy has a special power – he is able to grow and shrink at will. Some places will only be accessible by Squishy in either form.

The rivers are infested with piranhas, so squishy must be big when crossing them to avoid piranha bites. Likewise, there are tiny spaces (like portals) that the big, slow form of Squishy cannot fit through. Spiders are also afraid of the big squishy, but crabs seek after him for food. Can you collect all of the eggs and get to safety?

If you like it, you can vote for me on the ludum dare website:


  1. Clone the project into a directory on your system
  2. Install gbdk for your platform from into the gbdk/ folder.
  3. Open a terminal window in the root folder of the git repo.
  4. Type "make"

Note: Windows users will need a few unix-replacement binaries, such as sed, grep, cat, etc. I used something called Gow, but Cygwin or git-bash will likely suffice.

Try it

Try it out on the Ludum Dare website, here:


Puzzle game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare




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