Snap Links Plus is a Browser Addon that lets you lasso links, checkboxes and other elements do things with them.
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Snap Links Plus

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  • 2018-02-28 - Beta Release v3.1.2b1   Firefox Beta   Chrome
  • New Website Online: Snap Links 3


Background on Snap Links 3

Snap Links Plus is being re-written from the ground up to be a Web Extension.

This means some legacy features may no longer exist while other new features are written.

The reasons behind this are simple, electrolysis is here, XUL/XPCOM are on the way out and chrome style plugins are the new standard, which also happens to be both restartless and compatible with chrome, opera and other browsers.



Channel FireFox Chrome
Release / Stable Install Coming Soon
Beta / Latest Install Install

Choose either Release or Beta channels for your browser and click the download link.

Note: The beta channels will have as their last beta release the same as the released version.


Snap Links v2 Features

Snap Links Plus is a Firefox addon that lets you draw a lasso around links, checkboxes and other on-screen elements and open them in new tabs as well as other actions:

  • Open in New Tabs
  • Open in New Windows
  • Open Tabs in New Window
  • Bookmark All
  • Download All
  • Copy to Clipboard



Please see the Contributing document.


Getting Help

  • There is our tutorial page with basic information on how to use Snap Links.

  • We have a chat channel available on Gitter where you can reach someone and ask for help.

    Usage, features, help with programming; we do our best to answer anything we can.