A basic R package for processing and plotting EEG data
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eegUtils 0.3.0

Project Status: WIP – Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. Coverage Status Build Status AppVeyor build status DOI

Some utilities for plotting and processing of EEG data in R. The package is in the early stages of development, and may be subject to a lot of changes.

Use devtools::install_github('craddm/eegUtils') to install it.

An introduction to its use can be found at the eegUtils website https://craddm.github.io/eegUtils/.

Pre-processing functions

  • import_raw() - for import of BDF/EDF (BioSemi/European Data Format) and .CNT (Neuroscan) EEG files
  • import_set() - for import of EEGLAB .set files.
  • eeg_filter() - for performing IIR or FIR filtering on data
  • reref_eeg() - for re-referencing data
  • epoch_data() - for creating epochs around trigger events
  • tag_events() - for labelling events
  • interp_elecs() - spherical spline interpolation of EEG channels
  • eeg_downsample() - filter and downsample data to a lower sampling rate.
  • eeg_FASTER() - automatic artefact rejection algorithm for epoched data
  • run_ICA() - decompose your data using an ICA algorithm such as SOBI or Infomax

Plotting functions

  • topoplot() - plotting of topographies
  • plot_timecourse()/plot_butterfly() - plotting individual timecourses from electrodes or plotting all electrodes at once
  • erp_scalp() - plotting ERP plots for individual electrodes in a topographical layout - thanks to Matti Vuorre!
  • interactive_scalp() - a Shiny version of erp_scalp() that allows you to zoom in on specific electrodes.
  • browse_data() - a Shiny gadget for interactively scrolling through EEG data (continous or epoched).
  • erp_raster() - plot an ERP raster, showin the ERP for every channel as a single image.
  • erp_image() - plot an ERP image from a single electrode.
  • plot_psd() - plot the Power Spectral Density of an eeg_data or eeg_epochs object.

as.data.frame() methods exist for eeg_data and eeg_epochs objects, so you can convert your data to a data frame for use with whatever analysis method you like.