A command line twitter tool.
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This is a reasonably useful version of a Twitter commandline tool with much more functionality to come.

Getting Started

  1. Install Tweetline at the command prompt if you haven't yet:

    gem install tweetline
  2. Authorize your account through twitter:

    :~$ tl
    Follow these steps to access your twitter account.
    1) Navigate to the following url...
    2) Allow Tweet-line access to your twitter account...
    3) Enter your pin number...
    < insert PIN here >
  3. Enter commands with tl:

    tl ls
    ESV Daily Verse (@esvdaily) [04:46 AM]
         A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. http://esv.to/Pr17.17 (54842265859915777)
    DHH (@dhh) [04/02/11 11:43 AM]
         I've tried many answers for "what do you get out of working on open source?", but the truth is the act of creation is its own reward. (54222543829213184)
    Anthony Crumley (@anthonycrumley) [04/08/11 10:41 PM]
         Writing code for the fun of it is its own reward.  When we create for the joy of creating we imitate our creator. (56562348806242304)


tl cat [ID]                # Display the details of a tweet with responses based on twitter id or piped in tweets.
tl follow [SCREEN_NAME]    # Follows the twitter user based on their screen name or piped in tweets.
tl grep PATTERN            # Display tweets matching pattern.
tl help [TASK]             # Describe available tasks or one specific task
tl json                    # Lists tweets from the timeline in JSON format.
tl ls [SCREEN_NAME]        # Lists tweets from the timeline.
tl reply ID, REPLY         # Replies to the specified tweet with @screenname at the beginning.
tl retweet [ID]            # Retweets the tweet by the Twitter id or a group of piped in tweets.
tl rm [ID]                 # Removes the tweet by it's id or a list of piped in tweets.
tl say                     # Speaks the tweet at the top of your timeline.
tl tail                    # Displays recent tweets in chronological order.
tl unfollow [SCREEN_NAME]  # Unfollows the twitter user based on their screen name or piped in tweets.
tl update STATUS           # Updates your current Twitter status.
tl yaml                    # Lists tweets from the timeline in YAML format.