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Ok.ru API with node

This npm module allows you to simplify making API requests into odnoklassniki REST API.

Example usage

ok = require("ok.ru")

# Basic configuration params
requestOptions = {
  applicationSecretKey: '{secretKey}',
  applicationKey: '{applicationKey}',
  applicationId: '{applicationId}',

# You can specify accessToken in requestOptions or separately
# For example: if you have many users and you whant to iterate through them

# All data passed in Object
ok.post { method: 'group.getUserGroupsV2' }, (err, data) ->
  # Some actions with data

# You can also specify types of requests
ok.post, ok.get

# Or pass in, as argument
new ok.api 'get', { method: 'users.isAppUser' }, (err, data) ->
  # some actions with data

# It properly handle errors
ok.setAccessToken('invalid_token') # Invalid token

new ok.api 'get', { method: 'users.isAppUser' }, (err, data, response) ->
  # some actions with data
  alert "Alarm! Error! #{err}" if err?
  # It can transport all response and headers
  console.log response

Refresh user token method

ok.refresh '{refresh_token}', (err, data) ->
  data.access_token # new token

Test it!

Add your params at test/settings.yml and you are ready to go!
$ mocha



  • What do you need? Let me know or fork.