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Azure management for Debian

Tools for managing images within the Microsoft Azure platform, primarily for Debian.


  • Python >= 3.4
  • azure-servicemanagement-legacy
  • azure-storage
  • pyyaml
  • py.test


Build image: azure_build_image

Build a Debian image according to the specified section within the config.

Delete image: azure_delete_image

Delete existing image from Azure.

Upload image: azure_upload_image

Upload new image to Azure.

List images: azure_list_images

List all matching images.

Extract publishsettings file: azure_extract_publishsettings


Example config for all Debian distributions.

default: &DEFAULT
  storage_account: null
  storage_container: null
  subscription: null
  subscription_keyfile: null

default-daily: &DEFAULT-DAILY
  <<: *DEFAULT
  image_name: 'Debian-{release_number}-DAILY-amd64-{timestamp}'
  image_label: 'Debian {release_number} "{release_name}" DAILY'

  release: wheezy
  release_name: Wheezy
  release_number: 7

  release: jessie
  release_name: Jessie
  release_number: 8

  release: stretch
  release_name: Stretch
  release_number: 9
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