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This playbook provisions a CentOS 7.3/Ubuntu 16.04/RHEL/Fedora 25+ machine with everything you need in order to use kubeadm and CRI-O (no docker anymore). Simply run:

Create an ansible hosts file (adjust anything needed like ansible_python_interpreter):

$ cat hosts ansible_python_interpreter='python3'

make sure the machine is reachable via SSH w/o password input before running the playbook

ssh-copy-id <user>@<ip or hostname>

Then simply run:

$ ansible-playbook -i hosts cri-o.yml -u <user>

This playbook installs kubernetes software so you can follow the kubeadm docs to setup a Kubernetes cluster. I've tested the whole flow with a custom Flannel pod network, the official one seems broken.

What is cri-o-ansible not doing?

  • cri-o-ansible is not going to install any CNI network configuration. It just installs CNI plugins. Network configuration is left to Kubernetes and Openshift (or you following this)