Homebrew Tap for Chunkwm tiling window manage (https://github.com/koekeishiya/chunkwm)
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Homebrew Tap for Chunkwm tiling window manager (https://github.com/koekeishiya/chunkwm)

NOTE: plugins folder has been moved to /usr/local/opt/chunkwm/share/chunkwm/plugins

Table of contents

  1. Supported OSX versions
  2. Brew Options
  3. Caveats
  4. Usage examples
  5. Plugins

Supported OSX versions

Chunkwm works with MacOSX >= 10.11

Brew options

	Redirect stdout and stderr to log files to standard brew path.
    Build purify plugin.
	Redirect stdout and stderr to /tmp.
	Do not build border plugin.
	Do not build focus-follow-mouse plugin.
	Do not build tiling plugin.
	Install HEAD version


Copy the example configuration into your home directory:

cp /usr/local/opt/chunkwm/share/chunkwm/examples/chunkwmrc ~/.chunkwmrc

Opening chunkwm will prompt for Accessibility API permissions. After access has been granted, the application must be restarted:

brew services restart chunkwm

If both --with-logging and --with-tmp-logging are specified, the former takes precedence over the latter.

Codesign chunkwm binary

Accessibility API must be granted after every update to chunkwm, unless you codesign the binary with self-signed certificate before restarting

Create code signing certificate named "chunkwm-cert" using Keychain Access.app:

  • Open Keychain Access.app
  • From menu select Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Create a certificate
  • Fill the certificate form:
    • Name: chunkwm-cert
    • Identity Type: Self Signed Root
    • Certificate Type: Code Signing

Sign the binary:

codesign -fs "chunkwm-cert" /usr/local/opt/chunkwm/bin/chunkwm

To have launchd start crisidev/chunkwm/chunkwm now and restart at login:

brew services start crisidev/chunkwm/chunkwm

Or, if you don't want/need a background service you can just run:



If the formula has been built with --with-logging, logs will be found in


Usage examples

Clone tap

brew tap crisidev/homebrew-chunkwm

Install latest stable version

brew install chunkwm

Install from git repo

brew install --HEAD chunkwm

Do not install border, tiling, and ffm plugins

brew install --without-border --without-tiling --without-ffm chunkwm

Log chunkwm stdout and stderr on /tmp

brew install --with-tmp-logging chunkwm


In the repo I am also distributing other chunkwm plugins.

Chunkwm Blur - https://github.com/splintah/blur

Blur wallpaper when there are open windows.

brew install --HEAD chunkwm-blur