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kinskiGL is a set of portable C++ libraries useful for cross-platform OpenGL applications
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kinskiGL is a set of portable C++ libraries useful for cross-platform OpenGL applications.

currently known to compile and work for these platforms:

  • MacOS 10.12
  • Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.3 LTS
  • iOS
  • Rasbian Stretch on Rasberry Pi
  • Linaro Strech on Asus Tinkerboard

the basic library-structure:

  • core

    • image IO
    • asynchronous networking
    • serial ports
    • timers
    • property/component framework
    • serialization
    • threadpools
    • utilities
  • gl

    • linear algebra utilities
    • drawing utilities
    • geometric primitives, ray-casting
    • scenegraph, forward/deferred rendering paths
    • physically based lights and materials (PBR)
    • image based lighting using HDR cubemaps or panoramas (IBL)
    • post-fx (FXAA, Depth-of-Field)
    • output warping (a.k.a. projection mapping)
  • app

    • lightweight application framework
    • rpc-interface
    • UI components
  • samples

    • empty template
    • media player with support for network-syncing and warping
    • 3D viewer with forward/deferred rendering paths.
  • modules

    a list of optional modules can be used, offering a variety of functionality. including but not not limited to

    • blocking- / non-blocking http, using libcurl
    • integration of scenegraph elements with the Bullet Physics Library, offering rigid- and softbody physics
    • integration of the Asset Import Library (assimp) for loading 3D models and scenes
    • an L-System implementation for generating procedural meshes
    • OpenCL-based particlesystem, using CL/GL interop


  • dependencies, build instructions
  • introduction to samples (media player, 3D viewer)
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