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Build pecl extension for multiple versions php.
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pecl-build - Build pecl extension for multiple versions php.

How to use

If you want usage detail, type --help.

Use standalone

% git clone
% cd pecl-build
% bin/pecl-build <package_name>

When standalone, build php version is system default. If you want use other php version, you can change phpize and php-config command by parameter.

$ bin/pecl-build <package_naem> -p /path/to/phpize -i /path/to/php-config

Use phpenv plugins

% git clone $PHPENV_ROOT/plugins/pecl-build
% phpenv pecl <package_name>

phpenv plugin follow php version for phpenv specified. If you want specify build php version, you can set parameter.

% phpenv pecl <package_name> -j <php version>
% phpenv pecl <package_name> -a # build all php version by phpenv have.

NOTICE: phpenv plugin versin is now skipped system environment build.

you want specify package version:

% phpenv pecl <package_name>-<package_version>

and when you build zend_extension, pass -z (--zend-extension) option. so created .ini config set zend_extension


v0.1.0 2013/12/06

  • Initial Version

AUTHOR:: Daichi Kamemoto

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