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General information

CrossMobile is a framework that facilitates the development of mobile applications.

The goal of CrossMobile is to be able to write native mobile applications, using Java as the main language and fully recycle the written code. Using a rich iOS API it is possible to write once not only GUI applications, but applications that cover most of mobile aspects, like push notifications, geo location, maps, camera etc. There is no need to write specific code for Android, just follow the iOS API and all will be handled by this framework, with zero manual target fine tuning.

Feature highlights

CrossMobile is not a hybrid solution. It doesn't run code under an invisible web view. What it does is:

  • iOS : transpile code from JVM to Objective C, using an up-to-date version of the XMLVM tool.
  • Android : have a thin compatibility library for the iOS API and pass through all system calls to Android subsystem, removing the Android implementation details from the developer.
  • Desktop : with technologies similar to the Android backend, reuse as much Java code as possible, provide the same experience to the Desktop as a stand-alone Java (JAR based) application.

CrossMobile is a mature project, it is developed for more than 5 years up to now and proved its stability through various commercially published applications.

How to get it

Please go to the download page to download the latest release.

If you want to compile it from source yourself, make sure to have a look at the file first with info how to get the source code and how to compile it.


A human-friendly Release log could be found here, or a detailed ChangeLog here.


macOS Windows Linux
Required macOS 10.12.6
Xcode 9.2
Android command line tools 3.5
Windows 7
Android command line tools 3.5
x64 distribution
Android command line tools 3.5
Recommended macOS 10.14+
Xcode 11.+
Android Studio 3.5+
Windows 10 64 bit
Android Studio 3.5+
x64 distribution
Android Studio 3.5+

More information

For more information about CrossMobile, please visit its dedicated site


Create native iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Desktop applications in Java. Write it once, and produce sophisticated multiplatform applications.








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