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Crosswalk Web Driver


Crosswalk WebDriver is an implementation of the WebDriver standard. Part of code is ported from ChromeDriver.

It is an open source project started by the Intel Open Source Technology Center (

Directory Structure

  1. xwalkdriver/ is source code.

  2. If you want to use xwalkdriver binary, please try ./bin/xwalkdriver64_release. And ./bin/xwalkdriver32_release is used for 32-bit Linux PC.

  3. If you want to build the project, please follow the first two steps:

  4. Patch the xwalk_test.gypi to crosswalk-project crosswalk/xwalk_test.gypi.

  5. Copy the whole directory xwalkdriver/ to crosswalk-project crosswalk/test/.

  6. If you want to build for Linux32, as far as we know clang complies failed some times, we use GNU gcc tools chain.(make sure gcc/g++ >= 4.8) please run the follow commands:

    $ export GYP_GENERATORS='ninja'
    $ GYP_DEFINES="target_arch=ia32 clang=0" xwalk/gyp_xwalk
    $ ninja -C out/Release xwalkdriver
    $ ninja -C out/Release xwalkdriver_unittests(optional)
  7. If you want to build for Linux64, please run the follow commands:

    $ export GYP_GENERATORS='ninja'
    $ GYP_DEFINES="target_arch=x64 clang=1" xwalk/gyp_xwalk
    $ ninja -C out/Release64 xwalkdriver
    $ ninja -C out/Release xwalkdriver_unittests(optional)

    For more build info, see xwalkdriver/README.txt, or


For Cosswalk WebDriver usage, please check xwalkdriver/README.txt and Wiki


Any questions of Cosswalk WebDriver usage, please ask mailing list:

To improve Crosswalk WebDriver, please go here:

You can also join us on IRC : #crosswalk on Freenode


Crosswalk's code uses the BSD license, see our LICENSE file.