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"Obviously, you're not a golfer". But you are probably a sysadmin.

The script is meant to be used as a wrapper for cron jobs. The idea here is that you use this script to wrap whatever would be a normal cronjob for you to perform functions based on what options are specified. I think this is best explained with an example.

I have a cronjob that runs every minute. First, I don't want "overlap", a second instance is run while the first one is still running, if a single run takes a long time. Solved. The nature of my cronjob (just a script that is being run) is such that there will be an occasional failure, but an occasional failure, in this case, can be ignored. Instead, I only want to know when the script has failed 5 times in a row. Solved. By default, will also swallow all the output for the occasional fails, but I at least want a record of those failures so that I can determine whether the intermittent fails are happening more frequently and constitute a different problem. Solved (by turning on the syslog option).

This script may not be useful for everyone, but for some out there, it will save you a lot of time, effort and probably emails in your inbox.


Just follow the basic install practice for a Python package.

  1. If you have a .tar.gz, extract that first

    tar -xvzf cron-wrap*.tar.gz

  2. Now, just cd into the directory and install it

    cd cron-wrap* python install

This should install the script in either /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin depending on your platform. A man page should also be installed.

You can also install this using pip or easy_install

pip install cron-wrap


You have a few options here. Run the script with either "-h" or "--help" to see a list of all the options with a brief description. Otherwise, "man" will give you a bit more info. You can also check the web page at


Please use the github page for reporting bugs and filing feature requests.


I'm also open to fixes and additions from others. If you wish to contribute, please use the "fork" and "pull request" mechanisms of github for this.


This is a script that is used to wrap cronjobs to suppress/batch output




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