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An ExtJS4 desktop solution.
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Bleextop is a Desktop solution for ExtJS4, the main idea is to provide a platform that helps developers to start their own applications. This project works with Ext4 and CodeIgniter.


A demo version is located at:

user: crysfel pass: 123

Please report any issue


  1. Download the project
  2. Edit the .htaccess file that is in the root directory of the project, modify the path according to your system (Line 4), if you do not have the mod-rewrite in your apache just comment all lines in this file
  3. Open the application/config/config.php file and change the 'base_url' configuration (Line 17), this is the URL of your project
  4. Open the application/config/database.php file and set your database credentials (Line 44)
  5. Create a database "desktop" in your mysql server.
  6. Load the database/desktop.sql script in your mysql server
  7. With your favorite browser go to the url where your project is.
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