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Pushover is the ideal application for sending (free) push notifications to iOS and Android devices, using this very simple API.

php-pushover class

php-pushover class is a PHP wrapper class for using the Pushover ( REST API. Have a look at their API docs ( for more information about all the parameters.


  • setToken

Your app API key.

  • setUser

The user's API key.

  • setTitle

Set title of push notification.

  • setMessage

Set message of push notification.

  • setUrl

Add an url to your notification.

  • setUrlTitle

Set a title if you want to show a text instead of the actual url.

  • setSound

Set the notification sound to be played. See Pushover API for options or use getSoundsList()

  • setDevice

Leave this empty if you want to send to all user's devices. This can be user specific!

  • setPriority

Default = 0, if 1 the user's quiet hours will be ignored + messages displayed in red. If 2, the same behaviour as 1 applies; but the message will repeat until the user acknowledges it.

  • setExpire

The expire parameter is only used when the Priority is set to 2 (or emergency-priority), and specifies how many seconds your notification will continue to be retried for. (Max Value = 86400)

  • setRetry

The Retry parameter is only used when the Priority is set to 2 (or emergency-priority), and specifies how often (in seconds) the Pushover servers will send the same notification to the user. (Min Value = 30)

  • setCallback

The callback parameter must be a URL (HTTP or HTTPS) that is reachable from the Internet that our servers will call out to as soon as the notification has been acknowledged.

  • setTimestamp

Messages are stored on the Pushover servers with a timestamp of when they were initially received through the API. This timestamp is sent to and shown on client devices, and messages are listed in order of these timestamps. In most cases, this default timestamp is acceptable. This is not for scheduling!

  • getReceipt

Gets the pushover receipt identifier to be used in later calls to the receipt API.

  • setDebug

Enable this to receive detailed input and output info.

  • validateUser

Validates the user using the API

  • getSoundsList

Gets an array of sounds that can be used with setSound()

  • send

Send the message to the API