Simple video broadcasting with Gstreamer, GNU Radio and the USRP


This repository contains simple GNU Radio Companion scripts that I have used for simple DVB setup. It's no DVB-T or DVB-S system (yet), just a simple way to get a webcam on the air.

For video processing I used Gstreamer connected to GNU Radio using named pipes.
See for more details.

gmsk_tx.grc and gmsk_rx.grc:
A simple GMSK transmitter and receiver pair that can be used on separate computers and USRPs.

A smiple GMSK transceiver that can be used on one computer with one USRP for both transmit and receive.

A simple TX+RX simulator that can be used to test without any USRP.

Example Gstreamer commands to build the video processing pipelines.
An experimental GUI to switch between different cameras (not very functional yet).