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Export Saved Reddit Posts

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Exports saved and/or upvoted Reddit posts into a HTML file that is ready to be imported into Google Chrome. Sorts items into folders by subreddit.



First, make sure you have Python 3.x, pip, and git installed on your machine.

Run the following in your command prompt to install:

git clone
cd export-saved-reddit
pip install -r requirements.txt

To install without git, download the source code from GitHub, extract the archive, and follow the steps above beginning from the second line.


  1. Make a new Reddit app to get a client id and a client secret.

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "create app"
    • You can name the app anything (e.g. "export-saved"). Select the "script" option. Put anything for the redirect URI (e.g.
    • After creating the app, the client id will appear under the app name while the client secret will be labeled "secret".

  2. In the export-saved-reddit folder, rename the file to

  3. Open the in a text editor and enter your Reddit username, password, client id, client secret within the corresponding quotation marks. Save and close the file.

  4. Back in your shell, run python in the export-saved-reddit folder. This will run the export, which will create chrome-bookmarks.html and export-saved.csv files containing your data in the same folder.

Additional Options

usage: [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-id CLIENT_ID]
                       [-s CLIENT_SECRET] [-v] [-up] [-all] [-V]

Exports saved Reddit posts into a HTML file that is ready to be imported into
Google Chrome or Firefox

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        pass in username as argument
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        pass in password as argument
  -id CLIENT_ID, --client-id CLIENT_ID
                        pass in client id as argument
  -s CLIENT_SECRET, --client-secret CLIENT_SECRET
                        pass in client secret as argument
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity (deprecated; doesn't do
                        anything now)
  -up, --upvoted        get upvoted posts instead of saved posts
  -all, --all           get upvoted, saved, comments and submissions
  -V, --version         get program version.


To update the script to the latest version, enter the export-saved-reddit folder in your shell/command prompt and enter the following:

git pull


If you have any questions or comments, please open an issue on GitHub.


If you would like to contribute, check out the project's open issues. Pull requests are welcome.


Export saved Reddit posts into a HTML file for import into Google Chrome.








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