Useful tools to access Cloud Storage Server APIs directly from the command-line.
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Cloud Storage Tools

A suite of useful tools to access Cloud Storage Server directly from the command-line.



  • User profile management.
  • Complete /files SDK and API coverage. Manage, upload, and download files and folders.
  • A complete, question/answer enabled command-line interface. Nothing to compile.
  • Has a liberal open source license. MIT or LGPL, your choice.
  • Designed for relatively painless integration into your project.
  • Sits on GitHub for all of that pull request and issue tracker goodness to easily submit changes and ideas respectively.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to play with the command-line interface. The command-line interface is question/answer enabled, which means all you have to do is run:

php cs-tools.php

Once you grow tired of manually entering information, you can pass in some or all of the answers to the questions on the command-line:

# Create a profile called 'my-profile'
php cs-tools.php profiles create my-profile

# Upload a directory recursively to a '/photos' folder from a Windows machine.
php cs-tools.php files upload my-profile src=C:\photos dest=/photos diff=Y delete=Y

# Download the folder recursively to '/var/data/sync-photos' on a Mac/Linux machine.
php cs-tools.php files download my-profile src=/photos dest=/var/data/sync-photos diff=Y delete=Y

The -s option suppresses normal output (except for fatal error conditions), which allows for the processed JSON result to be the only thing that is output.