REST webservices for TYPO3 CMS
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.phpstorm.meta.php Code formatting and IDE helper improvements Jul 30, 2018
Build Add environment variable `TEST_MODE` to detect test runs from PHP Nov 2, 2018
Classes Add deprecations Dec 18, 2018
Configuration Code formatting Nov 4, 2018
Documentation Update the Customize code Nov 4, 2018
Resources Add SVG extension icon Nov 4, 2018
Tests Explicitly require an instance of `ResourceType` in `getClassNamePart… Nov 12, 2018
.gitattributes Added `.test-flight.json` to export ignore Feb 4, 2017
.gitignore Updated the gitignore Jan 1, 2017
.test-flight.json Fix the Test-Flight test Jun 9, 2018
.travis.yml Allow failure for TYPO3 Core master branch Jan 6, 2019
Dockerfile Fix docker environment variables and disable manual tests by default Sep 14, 2017 Update build status image Jul 1, 2017
composer.json Update dependencies Nov 3, 2018
docker-compose.yml Add Dockerfile and docker-compose configuration Sep 9, 2017
ext_autoload.php WIP: Add compatibility for Functional Tests in TYPO3 8 LTS Sep 7, 2017
ext_conf_template.txt Moved caching mechanism to separate class Dec 6, 2013
ext_emconf.php Raise version number to 3.5.0 Jan 3, 2019
ext_icon.png Added ext_icon.png Jun 12, 2016
ext_icon.svg Add SVG extension icon Nov 4, 2018
ext_localconf.php Refactor localconf and add XCLASS definitions Nov 3, 2018
ext_tables.php Add Virtual Objects Page configuration for TYPO3 9 LTS Nov 1, 2018
ext_tables.sql Removed Document Storage related entries Feb 17, 2017
ext_typoscript_setup.txt Do not automatically activate RequestAuthenticationProvider to preven… Jul 25, 2018

rest v3


This branch represents the development of version 3.

2.x releases can be found here

Please visit for installation and configuration instructions

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