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Awesome pixi.js tools

A list of useful libs/resources/tools for renowned html5 rendering framework

Websites and forums

github organization.

github main repository. – official website.

docs – official documentation for the latest version of pixi.

examples – official examples list.

slack – official slack channel.

html5gamedev forum section – self-explanatory.

goodboydigital twitter – the creator.

goodboydigital blog – same as above.

Scene, textures, sprites, other augmentations

pixi-richtext – SDF text plugin.

pixi-display – allows to change rendering order of pixi-v4 containers without changing the stage, z-index for the win.

pixi-picture – top-quality render for sprites, removes any artifacts that are present in basic sprite.

pixi-tilemap – tilemaps with ease.

pixi-tiled – import tile maps from Tiled Editor.

pixi-sdf-text – most efficient text rendering approach for webgl now in pixi.

pixi-multistyle-text – adds a MultiStyleText object inside pixi.js to easily create text using different styles.

pixicam – 2d camera for pixi.

pixi-super-atlas – create image atlas in your runtime, mipmaps supported.

pixi-heaven – runtime atlas, double tint for sprites, fastest glsl-calculated sprite masks.

pixi-viewport – a highly configurable viewport/2D camera designed to work with pixi.js.

canvas-latex – render latex formulas in pixi.js.


ee3-timer – addition to ee3 and works with PIXI >4.

pixi-timer – manage event timers easily.


pixi-inspector – awesome plugin for chrome, visually inspect and modify nodes in your scene graph.

fconsole – very powerful debugging tools, requires a custom setup in your project.


pixi-spine – port of official spine-ts runtime to pixi.

pixi-action – animations in Cocos2d-x style.

pixi-live2d – plugin for japanese animation tool live2d.

pixi-dragonbones – plugin for royalty-free animation tool dragonbones.

pixi-tween – tweens!

pixi-animate – plugin for Pixi.js which provides a runtime for content export using PixiAnimate Extension.

gsap-pixi – plugin for popular gsap animation library.

Filters, shaders, vfx

PixiGlitch – various glitch effects .

pixi-filters – some official filters.

pixi-extra-filters – even more official filters, some of these can be outdated.

GUI and interaction

EZGUI – bunch of crafted UI elements to use in your app.

gown.js – UI system for pixi.js inspired by feathers-ui.

pixi-keyboard – powerful keyboard handling for pixi.

text-input – text input add-on.

dat.gui – DOM-based GUI can be used as dev tools on top of pixi.


pixi-sound – official WebAudio API playback without any Flash shims or HTML Audio fallback.

pixi-audio – another great audio plugin with native pixi structure.

sound.js – a micro-library to load, play and generate sound effects and music for games and interactive applications.

PIXI.draggable – "easiest way to get drag & drop done in PIXI.js!"


pixi-particles – official particles plugin.

pixi-particles-editor – see online demo.

Game Engines

chocolatier – ClojureScript game/engine using Pixi.js for rendering.

qiciengine(abandoned) – rich unity-like game creation tool.

hexi – minimalistic game engine with pixi rendering.

pixi-engine - Provides a minimal engine-like structure for developing games with PixiJS


pixi-haxe – externs for haxe compiler.

react-pixi – integration for facebook's framework.

pixi.scala.js – externs for scala.js compiler.

robotlegs-pixi – RobotlegsJS framework integration with PixiJS.

react-pixi-fiber – integration with react.js framework.

react-pixi – another react.js integration with custom renderer, reconcilation, etc.

Books & Learning

The Book of Shaders comprehensive book about glsl with examples in javascript and online sandbox.

WebGL How it Works if you have zero computer graphics knowledge, the set of articles helps to get your hands on webgl api and fundamentals.

kittenattack – check that person github repositories, most of them are incredibly suited for learning.

learningPixi – definitive guide to game development with pixi.


gameofbombs – custom pixi 3.0 with static transforms, 2d camera and 2.5d transforms. Used in production on


TexturePacker – sprite sheet packer for PixiJS with graphical user interface and command line. Optimizes sprite sheets for best render quality and low memory usage.

spritesheet.js – is command-line spritesheet (a.k.a. Texture Atlas) generator written in node.js. Support export to pixi.js

SpriteIlluminator – normal map generator for sprites. Allows creating awesome dynamic light effects.


polyball – fast, multiplayer, physics-driven tennis in two dimensions..

bemuse – web-based online rhythm action game. Based on HTML5 technologies, React, Redux and Pixi.js.

breakout – breakout game made in JavaScript and Pixi.js.

duckhunt – DuckHunt ported to JS and HTML5.

doom-lgs – a multiplayer Node.js light gun shooter inspired on Doom.

rockvomit – ragdoll rhythm game.

railways – railways game.

tetris – just a tetris.


LegendOfMountainSea – 4X sandbox game with legend of Mountain and Sea Classics.