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Example from easey.DoubleClickHandler
  .to(map.pointCoordinate(MM.getMousePoint(e, map)).zoomTo(z))

WTF is this? Easey is a library for map animation. It works with Modest Maps. You can specify to and from locations, and easey will move between them in various nice ways - sweeping animations with varying speed. Check the website for examples, and read the source if you want the real story. It's short and aims to be pretty accessible.



Easey also provides handlers so that you can get inertial scrolling and smooth zooming in Modest Maps:

[ new easey.DragHandler(),
  new easey.MouseWheelHandler(),
  new easey.DoubleClickHandler()

These are provided to a Modest Maps map object as the handlers argument:

map = new com.modestmaps.Map('map-div', layer, null, [

Versus the 'old Easey'

  • In old easey, playing eases was like playing a movie - it mostly goes forwards. In the new version, the aim is to make transitions into fully-hackable, simple equations, which can run backwards, forwards, or derive multiple results at one time.
  • Easey used to use easey.slow() for nearly everything. Now it's splitting up that api into simple getter/setter functions.
  • The ability to input multiple types of locations - Locations, Points, and Coordinates - has been eliminated and Easey now thinks in coordinates, but tries to implement paths of different types, so you can do a great circle ease between points, or a coordinate-ease between locations.
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