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Project Goldorak, CVRA's small robot for Eurobot 2016, running ROS
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Project Goldorak

Match checklist

  1. Boot system (switch on 1)
  2. SSH into the robot and start a tmux.
  3. roslaunch goldorak_bringup goldorak.launch
  4. Wait for odom received
  5. Plug starter
  6. Take reference by pushing on fishing module's Y and Z axis until you hear a click.
  7. Open a new tmux pane (Ctrl-B then C).
  8. Edit to set team color.
  9. roslaunch goldorak_bringup strategy.launch.
  10. Wait for waiting for starter and then arm emergency stop.
  11. Detach tmux (Ctrl-B then D), then exit SSH.
  12. Pray and pull the starter when told to.


On your computer

You'll need to create a virtual CAN interface to simulate the CAN interface on the robot

fab vcan:'vcan0'

On the robot / the BBB

Append the following to /etc/modules:


Append the following to /etc/network/interfaces:

allow-hotplug can1

auto can1
iface can1 can static
	pre-up /usr/bin/env config-pin overlay cape-universaln
	pre-up /usr/bin/env config-pin P9.24 can
	pre-up /usr/bin/env config-pin P9.26 can

    bitrate 1000000
    samplepoint 0.875

Build & Run

Build the nodes and run with simulated motors

roslaunch goldorak_bringup goldorak.launch simulated_motors:=true

Then, you can give target points to the robot via the monitoring interface

roslaunch goldorak_bringup monitor.launch

Simulation (Gazebo)

The robot can also be simulated using Gazebo. In this case, the differential base control and odometry are handled by ROS Control. Higher level nodes will run as on the robot.

Run the simulation

roslaunch goldorak_simulation goldorak.launch

Simulation (ROS only)

The robot can also be simulated partially without Gazebo. Motor boards are simulated by a basic python script. Higher level nodes will run as on the robot.

Run the simulation

roslaunch goldorak_bringup goldorak.launch simulated_motors:=true


For dependencies, you should look at the setup guidelines in

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