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LOD visualization tool for humanities datasets
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/cwrc/HuViz is a fork of /smurp/huviz


# Install huviz from github
git clone

Installation (for running

# On OSX Mavericks install homebrew

# If you want to run
# On OSX you should set up pyenv-virtualenv

# Make a virtualenv
pyenv virtualenv huvizenv

# use it
echo "PYENV_VERSION=huvizenv" > .python-version

# install the python requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation (for running the server)

# install NodeJS using NVM for most flexibility
# known to work on NodeJS >= v6.11.3
# (as of this writing, the latest Long Term Support version)

# Install `nvm` using the curl command in 'Install Script'.
# Then quit that Terminal window and start a new one to make sure its firing up automatically.
# There are tips at the bottom of the NVM README in case of problems.

# Then install the LTS version of `node` itself like this:
nvm install --lts

# Make sure you've got a suitable version of Node
node -v # expecting v6.11.3 or later

# Then do classic normal npm stuff
npm install # install needed modules

Running the server during development

npm run dev

Runner CLI tests during development

npm run watchTest


Running the server

npm start


--limit 2
    limit the number of writers processed

Converting XML to Turtle (TTL)

./ --outfile data/test_20.ttl  --limit 20 -v

See data/test_20.ttl

Converting XML to NQuads

./  --outfile data/test_1.nq   --limit 1

See data/test_q.nq

Converting XML to JSON

How to produce the full JSON output as orlando_all_entries_2013-03-04.json (the default behaviour):

./ --infile orlando_all_entries_2013-03-04.xml --outfile orlando_all_entries_2013-03-04.json  --regexes orlando2RDFregex4.txt

How to produce the poetess JSON output as orlando_poetesses_2013-02-12.json:

./ --infile orlando_poetesses_2013-02-12.xml --outfile orlando_poetesses_2013-02-12.json  --regexes orlando2RDFregex4.txt

How to produce orlando_timeline.json

egrep 'dateOf|standardName' orlando2RDFregex4.txt > orlando_timeline.regex
./ --infile orlando_all_entries_2013-03-04.xml --outfile orlando_timeline.json --regex orlando_timeline.regex -v

Running the Orlando timeline locally

git clone
python -m SimpleHTTPServer
open http://localhost:8000/timeline.html

Generating tag_tree.json

./ --compact --outfile orlando_tag_tree.json
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