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Cycamore : The CYClus Additional MOdules REpository

Additional modules for the Cyclus nuclear fuel cycle simulator from the University of Wisconsin - Madison are intended to support innovative fuel cycle simulations with the Cyclus fuel cycle simulator.

This README is intended primarily for those who intend to contribute to the development of Cycamore archetypes. If you are interested in Cyclus as a user or in developing your own Cyclus archetyes, you may want to consult Getting Started with Cyclus.

This README provides basic information about:
  • the dependency required by Cycamore
  • installation of Cycamore from the command line
  • how to run Cycamore unit tests

Although Cycamore is meant to enable a basic fuel cycle simulation, you may want more functionality than it offers. Third party modules can also be installed (or developed) with additional facilities. Please visit the Cyclus website for a list of contributed modules.


Cycamore's only dependency is the Cyclus Core.

Package Minimum Version
Cyclus 1.4

There are a number of ways to install the Cyclus core:

Quick Cycamore Installation

Assuming you have the dependencies installed correctly, installing Cyclus using github is fairly straightforward:

  • Clone the Cyclus Repo: git clone,
  • to install Cyclus locally (in ~/.local/) just run: python from cycamore folder,
  • finally, add the following Cyclus installation path (~/.local/cyclus) to the bottom on your $PATH.

For more detailed installation procedure, and/or custom installation please refer to the INSTALLATION guide.

Running Tests

Installing Cycamore will also install a test driver (i.e., an executable of all of our tests). You can run the tests yourself via:

$ cycamore_unit_tests


We happily welcome new developers into the Cyclus Developer Team. If you are willing to contribute into Cyclus, please follow this procedure:

  1. Fork Cycamore repository,
  2. Create a working branch on you fork from the master branch,
  3. Implement your modification of the Cycamore source code,
  4. Submit a Pull request into cycamore/master branch,
  5. Wait for reviews/merge (the Puller cannot be the Merger).

You may also want to read our Contribution Guidelines.

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