The Java API suite for interacting with the Cyc inference engine and knowledge base.
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Cyc Java API Suite

The Cyc Java API Suite comprises a set of Java APIs (and implementations) for developing Cyc-based applications or otherwise accessing Cyc capabilities, and provides a layered suite of functionality. We have currently released the following Java libraries:

Additionally, the Model Generator Suite is available in a separate repository.

Further functionality will be rolled out in a series of releases, including the Knowledge Management, Natural Language, Structured Knowledge, and Administration APIs:

![Diagram of the Cyc API stack](../master/api-parent/src/site/resources/images/api-stack.png?raw=true "Cyc API Stack")

Further Documentation

For the latest API documentation and news, or to ask questions, visit the Cyc Developer Center.

Code samples may be downloaded from the Core API Use Cases project in the Cyc Example Code repository.


For questions about the APIs or general issues with using them, please visit the Cyc Dev Center issues page.