Docker images with Cypress dependencies and browsers
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Cypress Docker Images

These images provide all of the required dependencies for running Cypress in Docker.

We have two main images:

Image Default CI Build Description
cypress/base cypress/base:8 Docker Build Status All system dependencies, no browsers.
cypress/browsers cypress/browsers:chrome67 Docker Build Status All system dependencies and browser(s).

Of these images, we provide multiple tags for various operating systems and specific browser versions. These allow you to target specific combinations you need. We only provide browsers for Debian, but you can use our base images and build your own.

Name + Tag Node Operating System Dependences Browsers
cypress/base:4 4 Debian 🚫
cypress/base:6 6 Debian 🚫
cypress/base:8 8 Debian 🚫
cypress/base:10 10 Debian 🚫
cypress/base:centos7 6 CentOS 🚫
cypress/base:ubuntu16 6 Ubuntu 🚫
cypress/browsers:chrome67 8 Debian Chrome 67
cypress/browsers:chrome67-ff57 8 Debian Chrome 67, FF 57

Best practice

It is recommended to use a specific image tag, and not rely on the default tag. For example, it is better to use cypress/base:8 than cypress/base.


All of the images and tags are published to DockerHub here.


These images have all dependencies necessary to install and run Cypress. Just install NPM dependencies (including Cypress) and run the tests. We utilize many of these docker images in our own projects, with different CI providers.

Check out our docs for examples.