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.NET Develop Framework(适合场景:业务系统、信息系统、管理系统、ERP,含工作流,支持.NET Core)

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ASP.NET Aries is a Rapid Develop Framework for or core


Aries 最近录的几集视频教程,放个人微信公众号里了,有需要的在公众号里输入aries就可以看到了








授权及技术支持费用:下载项目运行后,见:系统管理-授权登记 页面(授权类型 选择商业)。


As the years progressed, I have been fighting for a decade in the field of .NET.

Youth has not come to anxiously feel, but it is already an old man who has entered the forgetful autumn.

With a little memory, you have to share and share the 80G items hidden in the hard disk.

After all, life, this is a process of inheritance: open source, is a way.

Ok, life sighs three or two sentences and you have to go back to the topic:


At that time, when I was selling and open source QBlog, I also thought about sorting out the development concept of QBlog and opening a framework to open source.

However, the more people grow up, the more they are embarrassed. The passion is the enemy, but the inertia is exhausted. In the end, there is no trace, and even the 3.0 version is not open source.

Regarding the origin of the framework: it should be the two companies that the previous company had stayed in before, and then formed a version in the previous company.

This version of the framework is a recently re-created version that is streamlined and powerful for a wide range of developers.

Introduction to the Aries framework:

The name of the frame: the first constellation: Aries

The main application scenarios of the framework are: internal business systems, management backgrounds, and others.


Project Engineering Introduction:

1: Aries.Core is mainly a core class (not involved in development, can be compiled into a dll)

2: Aries.Controller request entry

3: Aries.Logic business class (business code writing office)

4: Web.UI interface rendering (html). 

5: There are two empty engineering projects in the source code: Web.Entity (can put Model entity or enumeration) and Web.Utility (put some Helper class) (reserved for newcomers who don't know how to plan to store project classes)

Components referenced by the front end:

1: Data layer: CYQ.Data

2: Excel: NPOI 

3: Frontend: EasyUI 

Request processing flow:

1: html page Url request = "Aries.Core's UrlRewrite.cs for permission check

2: html page initiates ajax request = "Aries.Core's InvokeLogic.cs call = "Aries.Controller corresponding code, return Json => front-end display interface. 

The system management functions that come with the framework:

User, menu, function, permissions, configuration, import configuration.

The framework integrates all the features of the page:

Add, delete, change, list, query, form submission, export, single table import, multi-table import, configuration header. 

Framework support for cross-databases:

As long as you have a database link, you can refer to it everywhere, no need to pay attention to where the database is.

For example: the framework comes with N tables and one database (such as Mssql), and its own business is a database (such as Mysql). 

In addition, the frame comes with an Aop aura, which makes it easy to read and write.

The framework comes with distributed caching (MemCache, Redis) for easy distributed caching. 

Interface diagram: 

Interface configuration header:


Aries simple development process demonstration:

 1: Add a database link in Web.Config: <add name="database name Conn" connectionString=".... />

 2: Add a menu, the path is located in /web/sysadmin/customview.html;

 3: Give the user a good permission and configure the header display.

 4: Development is complete, just like Easy, don't ask why. 


Aries open source agreement: 

Subsequent additions to SVN, you can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes, but you must not delete the relevant information about the original author in the source code.

The source directory SVN contains three directories:

1: Aries.DataBase Initial: Data table scripts, data scripts, database design documents.

2: Aries.DevFramework framework source code.

3: Aries.Document API documentation or helper documentation.

to sum up:

1: This article does not explain the implementation mechanism in detail.

2: This article does not explain the development method in detail.

But at least you can: look at the source code, look at the API, watch the demo, and join any of the three button groups on the left side of the blog to communicate.

Of course, I will supplement related articles, more detailed and perfect mechanisms and development methods.

If you support the spirit of open source, you can praise it on the spiritual level to show encouragement; of
course, for those who want to encourage, I am also ready for the sponsored plug-in on the right , hahaha (hands-on, 1 dollar is also OK) Very inspirational).

In addition: there are bugs and loopholes, please submit it privately, don't make damage, don't modify the administrator password, thank you. 

Aries two or three addresses:

1: Project preview address:

2: Source SVN address (has been changed to GitHub):

3: Series Getting Started Tutorial:


.NET Develop Framework(适合场景:业务系统、信息系统、管理系统、ERP,含工作流,支持.NET Core)






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