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#rDUINOScope v2.3.1 Boiana EQ

Release date: 03 August 2017
Status: Stable Version
Author: Dessislav Gouzgounov / Десислав Гузгнов /(deskog@gmail.com)

v2.3.1 aims to bring all existing hardware platforms into one code base. Additionally this version introduces new features to the rDUINOScope like Screensaver, TFT brightness, MosFET to control power to DRV8825 and etc.

Current release will also be used as a base to add the Alt/Az changes.

New features added in v2.3.1:

  • Brings all existing flavours of the hardware to use same code!
  • Hardware Changes!!! - Plese reffer to the HACKADAY instructions!
  • Screen Brightness control;
  • Screen Auto OFF function with timeout;
  • Implemented FET transistor to control power to the stepper motors;
  • More BlueTooth commands added to prepare for a screenless version (or operation);
  • It is now possible to control rDUINOScope without the TFT screen - so called "BLIND" version.
  • BUG fixes:
    • GPS fixes;
    • SlewTo speed issues for low amperage;
May 27, 2017


Update touch_inputs.ino
Changed GNU part
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#rDUINOScope v2.1 Boiana EQ

Release date: 28 March 2017
Status: official BETA
Author: Dessislav Gouzgounov

...This release is dedicated to my daughter Boiana Gouzgounova, who have a special day today 28 March 2017!

This is the final release of the rDUINOScope software for Equatorial Mounts. There is a “jump” in versioning after latest V.1.8, because small improvements have been made for the past year, but those were never released to the general public, thus V.2.1 is a cumulative release.

PLEASE NOTE: Within v2.1 I promised support for AltAz / Dobsonian mounts. Later in the development I decided to split the code in 2 streams:

  • #rDUINOScope v2.1 Boiana EQ - Version for German Equatorial Mounts;
  • #rDUINOScope v2.1 Boiana AltAz – Version for AltAz / Dobsonian Mounts;

By the time of this release the AltAz version is ready but not tested, thus it will be released a bit later!

New features added in v2.1:

  • Added “1 Star Alignment” Method;
  • Added “Iterative Alignment” Method;
  • Added 200 brightest stars to be used in alignment procedures;
  • Added Bluetooth control from Stellarium (cloned LX200 communication protocols);
  • Added Bluetooth connection with PC;
  • Code has been refactored for easy reading/editing;
  • Bug fixes:
    o Wrong DEC movement for negative DEC values;
    o Revised RA movement formula;
    o OnScreen messages have been fixed;
    o 1px. Buttons move after press event was fixed;

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