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dahliaOS brand resources

The dahliaOS brand is unique and it belongs to the dahliaOS organization and project.

dahliaOS claims two marks: the “dahliaOS” logotype and the “dahliaOS” logomark.

Both should be used with the following in mind:

  • Do not stretch, skew, rotate, flip, or otherwise alter the mark.

  • Do not attempt to recreate the logotype or logomark.


The logotype is to be used when space allows to refer to dahliaOS, or it can be used before a product name to refer to a specific app/service of dahliaOS.


The “dahliaOS” logomark is to be used to refer to dahliaOS when there is not enough space for the full logotype or a square ratio is required.

Project and product names

dahliaOS is always lower-case, even when beginning sentences. It can also be used along with product names (for example, “dahliaOS App Store”) to refer to a specific application/service. For clarity, dahliaOS should never be shortened to any abbreviation.


Brand: Sulphur Point

Interface: Inter

Website: Inter


#FF3D00 Primary color: #FF3D00

#212121 Dark background color: #212121

#FFFFFF Light background color: #FFFFFF

3rd parties and community

We kindly ask third-party developers creating apps/designs for dahliaOS to adopt certain elements of the dahliaOS brand for consistency:

  • Fonts.

However, we restrict the usage of the dahliaOS name and marks:

  • You are encouraged to say that your app or service is “designed for dahliaOS,” but do not use the dahliaOS name or marks as part of the name of your company, application, product, or service—or in any logo you create.

  • Only use the dahliaOS name or marks to refer to dahliaOS or its products.

Other resources

  • Pangolin's brand resources can be found in the Pangolin folder.

  • Application, system and other icons can be found in the icons repository.


If you're wondering how to contribute to the project, please refer to


Copyright @ 2019-2022 - The dahliaOS Authors -

This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license