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Marathon Wow

Wow Even Longer

This is a classroom game for second language teachers. The goal is to get students to use their current second language skills. As such, this is a fluency based speaking game.

How It Works

The program shows a list of 20 words labelled A to T. A single student stands back-facing this list. Other students have to call out to the computer operator (teacher) which letter they want to describe to the standing student, after which any student in the room can use their second language to describe the word in an attempt to make the standing student say the word. If the student gets the word right, then that word is marked as CORRECT by pressing the lower-case letter associated with the word. If anyone says the actual target word, then that word is marked as FAILED by pressing the capital letter associated with the word. A word may be marked FAILED if any student uses their native language, uses body language or sounds or mouths the word to the standing student. Which of these rules are applied and to what degree of severity is up to the teacher, of course. The standing student may opt to PASS the current word if it’s eating too much time after which another sitting student should nominate a different target word, beginning the process anew. This description makes it seem way more complicated than it really is. The hardest part for the teacher is to establish the various ``cheating'' conditions and their penalties.

Currently it simply loads the words in words.txt but this should have a more friendly interface in a future revision.

It should support UTF-8 (providing your newLISP is UTF-8 capable).

Thanks to Cormullion for various aesthetic improvements.

Feedback welcome.