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Lux is a design system for the Daily Bruin, written in TypeScript and React.

You may also be interested in projects that use Lux, which include our gatsby starter and's frontend.


To use Lux, simply install it with your favorite package manager, e.g.:

yarn add @dailybruin/lux

Import components with the following syntax:

import { Article } from '@dailybruin/lux'

Note that Lux is published as TypeScript files, and thus is only available to projects that use TypeScript and some kind of build system (e.g., Webpack). If you run into errors setting Lux up with your project, please file an issue.


To start a dev server for the docs:

yarn start

To test:

yarn test


Lux is autopublished to npm by Travis with semantic-release and travis build stages. Tokens were set up with semantic-release-cli (semantic-release-cli setup), using dailybruin-bot's npm and GitHub credentials.

yarn publish

To build the docs:

yarn build:docs