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DAITA Technologies

Transforming Raw Data Into AI-Ready Data Sets. At Scale.

Hi there 👋 We're DAITA Technologies

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🫡 The DAITA Technologies platform has been sunsetted and the source code released under the AGPL 3.0 license. Now it is in the hands of the others to do good with it. Always remember: With power comes responsibility!

About us 💯

By offering Swiss quality solutions, we offer a new quality standard for machine-learning applications in Europe. We work to significantly improve the existing lack of transparency in data annotation and structuring by providing clarity and control over the entire process.

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  1. daita-python-library daita-python-library Public archive

    DAITA's official easy-to-use Python library.

    Python 4

  2. backend backend Public archive

    Backend system for the DAITA platform.

    Python 3 1

  3. ai-tools ai-tools Public archive

    AI-based tools for the DAITA platform.

    Python 1

  4. interface interface Public archive

    React-based user interface for the DAITA platform.

    TypeScript 1


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