A pure Python3 Bitcoin protocol and node implementation
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bitpeer.py - Bitcoin protocol and node

A pure Python3 bitcoin protocol and node implementation with pycoin.

You can support this project and other bitcoin-related projects by donating BTC to: 129k6fDTd66j1LMY5RAdFSQozeBe58nfxE


  • Bitcoin protocol data serialization / deserialization
  • Customizable clients for single node connections
  • Network support for different coins (bitcoin, namecoin, litecoin)
  • Customizable node:
    • DNS seed bootstrap
    • Multiple connections
    • Mempool and transaction broadcast
    • Automatic syncronization with storage capabilities (the storage abstraction allows different storage types)
    • Storage types: shelve and memory
    • Peer reconnection handling

Getting started

To install bitpeer.py, use pip (recommended method) or easy_install::

	pip3 install bitpeer.py

Or if pip is an alias of pip3:

	pip install bitpeer.py


Some samples are available in samples directory.