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HTTPS for localhost

A set of scripts to quickly generate a HTTPS certificate for your local development environment.


  1. Clone this repository and cd into it:
git clone
cd local-cert-generator
  1. Run the script to create a root certificate:
  1. Add the root certificate we just generated to your list of trusted certificates. This step depends on the operating system you're running:

    • macOS: Open Keychain Access and import the root certificate to your System keychain. Then mark the certificate as trusted.

    Trust root certificate

    • Linux: Depending on your Linux distribution, you can use trust, update-ca-certificates or another command to mark the generated root certificate as trusted.

Note: You may need to restart your browser to load the newly trusted root certificate correctly.

  1. Run the script to create a domain certificate for localhost:
  1. Move server.key and server.crt to an accessible location on your server and include them when starting it. In an Express app running on Node.js, you'd do something like this:
var path = require('path')
var fs = require('fs')
var express = require('express')
var https = require('https')

var certOptions = {
  key: fs.readFileSync(path.resolve('build/cert/server.key')),
  cert: fs.readFileSync(path.resolve('build/cert/server.crt'))

var app = express()

var server = https.createServer(certOptions, app).listen(443)