XiaoMi NoteBook Pro for macOS Mojave & High Sierra & Sierra
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XiaoMi NoteBook Pro for macOS Mojave & High Sierra

Hackintosh your XiaoMi Pro Notebook

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  • Support 10.13.x and 10.14.
  • CPU native support. For people who want better performance (or longer battery life), please replace /CLOVER/kexts/Other/CPUFriendDataProvider.kext with the archive in #53.
  • The model of the sound card is Realtek ALC298, which is drived by AppleALC in layout-id 99; injection information is located in /CLOVER/config.plist. If headphones are not working, please download ALCPlugFix folder and run install.command to patch the audio driver.
  • Touchpad driver is VoodooI2C, which supports multiple gestures without drift.
  • Other ACPI fixes use hotpatch; related files are located in /CLOVER/ACPI/patched.
  • USB power property injection and the custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext are located in /CLOVER/ACPI/patched/SSDT-USB.aml.
  • Native Brightness hotkey support; related file is located in /CLOVER/ACPI/patched/SSDT-LGPA.aml.
  • Native Bluetooth is not working well. The model is Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265. There are two options you can do with it:
    • Disable it to save power or use a BT dongle. Please read instructions here: #24.
    • Buy and insert a supported wireless card in M.2 slot and carefully solder D+ and D- wires to the WLAN_LTE slot. After that, please replace your /CLOVER/ACPI/patched/SSDT-USB.aml with the archive in #7.
  • Recent model uses PM981 SSD instead of PM961. This EFI doesn't fully support PM981, and PM981 users can replace their SSDs or visit How to fix PM981 in 10.3.3.



Please refer to the detailed installation tutorial (Chinese version) macOS安装教程兼小米Pro安装过程记录.

A complete EFI archive is available in releases page,Thanks to the continuous update of stevezhengshiqi.

If the tracpad doesn't work during installation, please plug a wired mouse or a wireless mouse projector before the installation. After the installation completes, open Terminal.app and type sudo kextcache -i /. Wait for the process ending and restart the device. Enjoy your trackpad!

Change Log:

  • 10-14-2017

    • EFI update, touch pad is working
  • 10-17-2017

    • EFI update, fixed graphics driver
    • Add HDMI Audio output
    • Driver Update:
      • Lilu v1.2.0
      • AppleALC v1.2.1
      • IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup v1.2.0
      • AirportBrcmFixup v1.1.0
    • Driver repair:
      • IntelGraphicsFixup v1.2.0
  • 10-18-2017

    • tested graphics driver is not as good as the first version, now the graphics driver is restored to fake 0x19160000
    • ACPI repair
    • Driver fixes
    • Remove USBInjectAll with SSDT-UIAL.aml built-in USB device
  • 10-19-2017

    • Graphics driver is normal
    • The touchpad turns on normally, multi-gestures are normal after waking up
    • normal sleep
    • Battery information is normal
  • 10-31-2017

    • Update sound card driver, fix earphone problem
    • New driver to increase layoutid: 13
    • Supports four nodes to support the headset to switch freely, Mic / LineIn is working properly
  • 11-2-2017

    • Lilu v1.2.0 update, support 10.13.2Beta
    • AppleALC update, using the latest revision of Lilu co-compiler to solve 10.13.1 update can not be driven after the problem
  • 11-5-2017

    • Integrate AppleALC_ALC298_id13_id28.kext driver to EFI
    • Add EFL directory ALCPlugFix directory, please enter the ALCPlugFix directory after the installation is complete, double-click the install.command to automatically install. Command Install the headset plug-in state correction daemon
    • Fixed Drivers64UEFI to solve the problem that can not be installed
    • Updated apfs.efi to version 10.13.1
  • 11-7-2017

    • Lilu v1.2.1 is not stable at the moment, with the risk of inability to enter the system, so downgrade to v1.2.0
    • AppleALC downgraded to V1.2.0 EFI temporarily does not support macOS 10.13.2Beta version of the installation, Lilu does not exhaust will continue to update
  • 1-25-2018

    • Support for 10.13.x installation
    • Updated VoodooI2C to version 2.0.1, supports multi-gestures, touchpad boot can be used normally, no drift, no wakeup
    • Fixed the issue of percentage refreshes
    • Fix sound card sleep wake up soundless problem
    • Fixed screen brightness can not be saved problem
    • Updated Lilu v1.2.2
    • Updated AppleALC v1.2.2 support millet pro, injection ID: 99
    • Update IntelGraphicsFixup v1.2.3
  • 4-8-2018

    • Support for 10.13.4 installation
    • Updated ACPIBatteryManager v1.81.4
    • Updated AppleALC v1.2.6
    • Updated FakeSMC v6.26-344-g1cf53906.1787
    • Updated IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup v1.2.1
    • Updated IntelGraphicsFixup v1.2.7, no need kexts for faking Intel Graphics' ID
    • Updated Lilu v1.2.3
    • Updated Shiki v2.2.6
    • Updated USBInjectAll v0.6.4
    • Add AppleBacklightInjector to widen the range of brightness
    • Add CPUFriend and CPUFriendDataProvider to enable native XCPM
    • Add boot flags shikigva=1, igfxrst=1 and igfxfw=1 to make the Graphics card more powerful and fix strange secondary boot interface.
    • Add SSDT-LGPA.aml, support native brightness hotkey
  • 4-13-2018

    • Update AppleALC v1.2.7
    • Update SSDT-IMEL.aml, SSDT-PTSWAK.aml, SSDT-SATA.aml, SSDT-XOSI.aml from Rehabman's Github
    • Edit SSDT-LPC.aml to load native AppleLPC
    • Update Clover r4438
  • 5-14-2018

    • Rename some SSDTs to fit with Rehabman's sample:https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config. Also update SSDT-GPRW.aml, SSDT-DDGPU.aml, SSDT-RMCF.aml and SSDT-XHC.aml
    • Delete some useless renames in config and incorrect boot flag shikigva=1
    • Redo the USB Injection, now it supports type-c USB3.0
    • Delete SSDT-ADBG.aml since it's useless
    • Delete SSDT-IMEI.aml to avoid kernel error report(Graphics id is automatically injected by IntelGraphicsFixup)
    • Add SSDT-EC.aml and SSDT-SMBUS.aml to launch AppleBusPowerController and AppleSMBusPCI
    • Edit SSDT-PCIList.aml to let System Information.app show correct information
    • Update Lilu v1.2.4
    • Update CPUFriendDataProvider to save power
    • Update Clover r4458
  • 7-27-2018

    • Update Clover r4625
    • Update AppleALC v1.3.1
    • Update Lilu v1.2.6
    • Update CPUFriendDataProvider by using MBP15,2's PM template to enable native HWP
    • Update VoodooI2C v2.0.3
    • Update USBInjectAll v0.6.6
    • Update CodecCommander v2.6.3 by merging SSDT-MiPro_ALC298.aml
    • Delete useless boot flags igfxfw=1 and -disablegfxfirmware
    • Edit SSDT-PCIList.aml to let System Information.app show more PCI devices
    • Use WhateverGreen to replace IntelGraphicsFixup, Shiki and IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup
    • Use VoodooPS2Controller to replace ApplePS2SmartTouchPad
    • Add minStolen Clover patch
    • Add support for Mojave (the installation instruction is at above)
  • 8-9-2018

    • Update Clover r4641
    • Update WhateverGreen v1.2.1
    • Update AppleALC
    • Update CPUFriendDataProvider by using default EPP value to enhance performance
    • Update Lilu
    • Update config.plist, using AddProperties to replace minStolen Clover patch
    • Edit config.plist to increase VRAM from 1536MB to 2048MB
    • Change AppleIntelFramebuffer@0's connertor-type from LVDS to eDP because MiPro uses eDP pin
    • No injection of ig-platform-id 0x12345678 by using config_install.plist anymore, WhateverGreen can help do this.
    • Mojave installation become easier
  • 8-13-2018

    • Reverse back CPUFriendProvider.kext to the one in v1.2.2 because the one in v1.2.5 will cause KP in some devices in 10.13.3~10.13.5. If you want better CPU performance or better battery life, please read #53
  • 9-15-2018

    • Update Clover r4671
    • Update WhateverGreen v1.2.3
    • Update AppleALC v1.3.2
    • Update CPUFriend v1.1.5
    • Update Lilu v1.2.7
    • Update USBInjectAll v0.6.7
    • Update SSDT-GPRW.aml and SSDT-RMCF.aml from Rehabman's sample:https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config
    • Update SSDT-PCIList.aml to add more Properties in PCI0 devices
    • Add SSDT-DMAC.aml , SSDT-MATH.aml , SSDT-MEM2.aml , and SSDT-PMCR.aml to enhace performance like a real Mac. Inspired by syscl
    • Add HibernationFixup to enable time setting in System Preferences - Energy Saver
    • Use VirtualSMC to replace FakeSMC. You can get more CPU Core Information by using iStat Menus, and more SMC keys are added in nvram.
    • Remove VRAM 2048MB patch in config.plist, the actual VRAM isn't affected by this patch
    • Drop useless ACPI tables in config.plist
    • Reverse AppleIntelFramebuffer@0's connertor-type to default value

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